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Busty wife made into submissive slave at husband training.

Busty wife made into submissive slave at husband training.

Kelly Divine is a stupid house wife who gets transformed into an submissive sex bondservant once her groom sends her to a husband preparation program ran by head Mistress Isis hankering. Kelly’s tuition contains anal sex and anal fisting, cock sucking and deep throat techniques, agony tolerance strengthening, accepting of multiform lovers for her groom and display of good manners.

The only website that produces genuine BDSM and hardcore sex together.

Kinky couple’s sex bondage fantasies.

Kinky couple's sex bondage  fantasies.

A kinky couple is seeking a little adventure and they’ve come to the right place. After we show them the lay of the land, we get Victoria undressed and restrained and the fun is about to begin… Victoria smiles nervously as she doesn’t know quite what to expect and then things take an odd turn. After she is rendered helpless, Ogre decides to have a little fun with her in rope bondage… Meanwhile Evan decides to take a crack at the company slave and this sordid story truly unfolds. As the situation gains even more intensity, Victoria is run through her paces as she is fucked in various positions in all holes. She takes Evan’s massive cock deep in her pussy and mouth…

Anyone who visits the site will  be rewarded with hottest and unforgettable feelings and impressions.

Busty slave Angel Vain gets dominated hard fucked in bondage.

Busty Angel Vain gets dominated fucked in bondage for stealing.

Busty blonde slave Angel Vain gets caught stealing at her new job working as a maid in a mansion. Master of the house, Derrick Peirce daunts the girl into being dominated by him instead of being reported to the police. Her gargantuan DD tits get flogged and tied up as she sucks cock and gets fucked just to stay out of jail.

Feeble little slave Sula Satanas in strict sex bondage.

sex slave fantasies

This week picks up after Sula and Derrick finished up their last fiasco with Morgan in bondage. Sula seems to think that she has moved into a more of a dominant position, but Derrick isn’t going to let that happen. He instantly takes control of her and shows her that she has a long way to go before she can think about being dominant. He pushes her body as far as it will go and forces so many orgasms out of her that she actually becomes speechless. There is something to be said as you watch Sula turn from assuming dominant, to feeble little slave.

Bondage sex with Angel cummings.

bondage sex with Angel cummings

Angel Cummings is a seductive little 19 year old with perfect natural large bosom. Mr. Pete takes his new bitch out of her cage and treats her like a piece of meat. In bondage, Angel gives up all composure and get fucked stout. This is a great bondage sex and hard bdsm scene!

Kayme Kai obediently does her best to please her master.

Kayme Kai obediently does her best to please her master.

In a dark, dank alley, Kayme innocently makes a phone call to her better half eager to begin their weekend together. Kayme finds herself giving up control as she meets the stranger’s demands and down on her knees she goes…Her clothes are roughly removed and soon her new friend begins to have his way. Her tight pussy and mouth are stuffed with cock and she obediently does her best to please. Just when she has hopes that the ordeal is over, she realizes that this was just a taste. The sadistic stranger has more than one trick up his sleeve and Kayme is pushed to the limits of physical and mental endurance as she is put through her paces.


Sexy Tricia Oaks tortured and fucked in hard bondage.

Sexy Tricia Oaks tortured and fucked in hard bondage.

Slave Tricia Oaks is one hot babe with a hunger for depraved sex. With an astonishingly flirtatious body, Tricia can take as much discipline in stiff bondage that Derrick can dish out. She starts out in a fetish leather arm binder and then gets put in a sadistic back arch secure within the wall stockade. Her deep throat skills are put to the test along with her pain toleration from the flog and nipple clamps. Tricia’s sobs of submission are lovely as she get ass fucked and comes while in sex bondage.

Slave Amber struggled for freedom in extreme bondage.

Slave Amber struggled for freedom in extreme bondage.

Amber was merely out for a quiet jog in a seemingly nice neighborhood when we stumbled upon her. Evan had been requesting some fresh meat and this fine piece of ass seemed to fit the bill well. We nabbed her and got her ready for some debauchery and then placed a call… Evan was more than ready and greedily licked his chops as we got Amber stripped and bound in bondage. Helpless, Amber was then groped by the tattooed goon before he began to see what she was made of. She was pressed into action, tied, whipped and smacked as her new Master filled her tight holes. Her struggle for freedom was rewarded with a faceful of cum…

Tough chick with horny natural body bound and fucked.

Tough chick with horny natural body bound and fucked.

Cherry Ferretti’s a stiff little chick with a seductive sensual body! Her nice round ass and huge natural tits get plenty of attention and amercement. She likes feeling shiftless and not in control. Mr. Pete fucks her mouth and comes in her twat while she’s tied up and exposed.

Tricia Oaks is restrained and left for the big man’s discretion…

sex slave restrained

Working for a toy shop can have its advantages…and distractions as Tricia discovers. While packing an order she becomes fascinated with a couple of items and begins to daydream. Her little sex slave fantasy is interrupted abruptly when she is caught red-handed by her supervisor however, and it becomes clear that the big boss is not going to be pleased at all. As punishment, Tricia is restrained and left for the big man’s discretion. The boss has a whole new twisted definition of “discipline” as Tricia will soon discover…

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